Weight loss surgery has dramatic results with a total loss of 190lb (86kg) in just two years!
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Weight loss surgery has dramatic results with a total loss of 190lb (86kg) in just two years!

This is a story about weight loss that started with weight loss surgery (gastric band) and sometimes weight loss surgery is looked at as ‘the easy way to lose weight’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Weight loss, no matter how you do it, requires discipline, determination and an ability to see that the short-term pain will bring long-term results.

Evie* lost 190lb (86kg) and changed the way she viewed her relationship with food. Food addiction is just as real as a gambling or alcohol addiction. It is all consuming and can’t just be turned off and it is something that has to be worked on every single day. Below is Evie’s story of how she changed her entire life. You can see her joy of losing weight in her face – she is the definition of a glow up!

There are lots of places on the internet where you can see before and after photos of weight loss. They can be great to look at and to help visualise what you might look like when you lose your weight. What I’ve always found frustrating is that there is usually no information on HOW they did it and what struggles they overcame to achieve their weight loss goals. I’m bringing you these stories in my series called Real Life Weight Loss Stories. It’s about real people and their stories and I’m hoping that one of these stories will help you lose your weight too (and maybe discover your own hourglass figure).

The stats

Age: 39
Height: 5’7″ / 170cm
Starting weight: 360lb / 164kg
Current weight: 170lb / 77kg
Goal weight: 150-160lb / 68-73kg
Weight loss: 190lb / 86kg
Time taken: 2 years
Method: Gastric sleeve surgery

Her story

To clarify for everyone.. I had VSG surgery (weight loss surgery). This is a TOOL that allowed me to take control of my eating and learn new healthy eating habits. I must reinforce that it is not the “easy” way out. I make the choice every single day to eat healthy. For those people who feel i mislead by making it seem I did this all on my own… I did. I could eat like crap if i wanted and i could regain back all that i worked my ass off to lose. It happens all the time to people who get this surgery. They go back to unhealthy eating and gain all the weight back. So please don’t think for a second that I don’t work hard every single day to keep eating healthy and to keep exercising even when i dont want to.

You don’t need to explain, sleeve or not, thank goodness, right! You’ve had an amazing transformation. 

Thank you for sharing this! Some people don’t truly understand food addiction and how people use food to cope etc.. i had spent years trying to lose weight without surgery. I am proud of anyone who makes any attempt, no matter what is, at trying to have a healthier life. It’s not easy no matter which way you choose to do it. Some people actually think having weight loss surgery is the “easy” way out. I went through absolute hell.. but anyway.. i wish you the absolute best!

I had VSG surgery (weight loss surgery). It has been a tool that has helped me learn healthier eating habits and changed my mentality in relationship to food.

Incredibly inspiring. You look so athletic and fit, it’s hard to believe you ever weren’t in perfect shape. Just wow. What kept you going for two whole years?

Basically I wanted to live to see my kids grow up and I also wanted to be able to look in the mirror and like what i saw.

At what weight did you start running? 

I started actively running about a month ago. My weight was about 174lb (79kg) when i started. There is a machine called an elliptical that doesn’t put as much strain on your knees as running does.

What things hurt to walk/jog/run beforehand, and how do those things feel now?

Knees, hips.. always out of breath it seemed. The more weight you have on your joints, the harder it is to basic things like walking. I can run a full two miles and nothing hurts. It’s amazing to me. I never thought I would be able to have this kind if life. 😗

How did you get to where you can run? I can’t even run more than two minutes.

I was just determined to do it! So I started small.. like running for 1/2 a mile at a low speed. (I use a treadmill) then once i found i could do that, i upped my speed for 1/2 a mile.. then i pushed myself to 1 mile… and so on. I’m currently working on getting up to 2.5 miles with a running speed of 5.5.

Gotta ask about your regime, this is incredible. 

Basic healthy eating. I do not eat desserts or pasta or bread. Lots of protein, dairy, fruits, veg.. i also run 2 miles every day and do weight training 5 days a week. 😗

If you have tips on how you start with weights and what your routine looks like, I would love to know.

Each machine i do i will do 30-40 reps.. depends on how my muscles are feeling lol.. i usually do every other day because your muscles need time to rest. Dont want to strain or pull anything.


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