Hello, I’m Bianca.  This is about my wildest dreams.

I can’t wait until I can include a sub-post in here titled something like “my weight loss journey”, or “how I lost 30 kilograms” or “fuck off fat”.  Something like that.

But until that happens, you’ll have to live my journey with me.  Hopefully you’ll take find some inspiration along the way and you and I can chat about how we’re fabulous.  Even if we are fat.  Because that’s not all we are.

Now there are plenty of inspirational quotes that basically say that it isn’t how you look that is important.  It’s who you are on the inside.  Now while that makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy on the inside, it also triggers my bullshit meter.

Because how you look on the outside can impact how you feel on the inside.  And while we all like to think that it doesn’t, it really does.  For me, anyway.

Being fat impacts me in so many ways.  From the obvious – I hate buying new clothes, the lack of energy and sometimes wanting to squeeze (ha) into a corner on my ‘really fat’ days. Then there is the not-so-obvious.  That my continual failure to lose weight makes me feel like I can’t achieve my wildest dreams.  So instead of focusing on my wildest dreams and taking steps towards making them a reality, I hide in fake dreams.  Dreams that make me feel good when I’m thinking them, but ultimately they do nothing for me. You might have them too.

Winning the lotto is my big fake dream.  I think that winning the lotto will change my life.  And, of course, it would.  But my dream becomes a nightmare because I don’t take actions to achieve  my wildest dreams because I think that I need $15M to achieve anything.

This blog is about proving my lotto dreams wrong and making my wildest dreams happen.  Wanna know what my wildest dreams are:

  • I’m happy
  • My family are happy
  • We are financially comfortable
  • I work from home – no more 10 hours away from home every day
  • I have lost 30 kilograms (update, now 45kg, gulp)
  • I have my own business.

You know, when I write them down –  they aren’t so wild.  They are totally achievable!  It’s just that I’ve been too scared of failure to try them.

So, my (hopefully soon) friends, do you wanna go on a wildest dreams journey with me?  Take two minutes now to write your wildest dreams.  Then we’ll work out what we need to do to make then happen.  I’ll link in here when I’ve written that post.

In the meantime, dream!  Wildly.

Let's dream

If you want to get in contact with me, direct message me on instagram (@thespiritdiary).  It’s where I hang the most