Petite weight loss stories:  A stunning transformation with just a 22lb / 10kg loss!
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Petite weight loss stories: A stunning transformation with just a 22lb / 10kg loss!

This is the story to show you the power of petite! Losing just 22lb / 10kg, has reduced her waist from 29 inches (74cm) to a tiny 24.5 inches (62cm)! Her torso has lengthened and she looks absolutely incredible.

The stats

Height: 5’0″ / 152cm
Starting weight: 130lb / 59kg
Current weight: 107lb / 49kg
Weight loss: 23lb / 10.5kg
Method: CICO

WELL DONE!!! I’d love to hear about your meal/workout plans!

Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for the kind words :-). This progress took place over a year. For everyone who’s asking my diet/workout routine is below:

DIET • No processed foods • ~1200kcal /day • Focused on calorie density: filled up by eating lots and lots of veggies and some clean protein • Minimal sugar or alcohol • Daily probiotic + ACV shot (less gas = less bloated tummy)

EXERCISE • weightlifting 5x/week (3 lower body focus days, 2 upper) • HIIT 2-3x/week (stairmaster and/or boxing) • walk 10k+ steps/day • LOTS of stomach vacuums every day (please YouTube stomach vacuums if you are unfamiliar; such a simple and impactful way to spend 10 min of your day. I attribute a large portion of my waist whittling to this exercise.)

I started the pandemic at 130lbs and strictly adhered to the above guidelines for roughly six months — that got me to 110lbs. Last couple of months, however, I’ve taken a break from health and fitness to be a human (enjoying yummy foods and not working out). I’ve been chilling and eating whatever (Taco Bell please) but in reasonable portions. This has led me down to 107lbs.

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