Petite weight loss stories:  46lb / 21kg lost in just 15 months
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Petite weight loss stories: 46lb / 21kg lost in just 15 months

One of the great things about being (relatively) short, is the incredible impact that losing 21kg made to Reddit user, u/LavenderDolly. As you will find with most of these stories, losing weight as a short person requires a serious amount of discipline because our bodies don’t need as much energy as a tall person.

This is an article in the “Petite Weight Loss” series.

There are thousands of weight loss success stories that should be shared to a wider audience, to inspire others to take their own weight loss journey; to provide proof that weight loss can be achieved. These stories are all individual experiences, with different approaches to weight loss. My hope is that you will read these stories and, as you learn what worked for them, it may help you to lose your weight. These are real people, with busy lives, who have achieved real success.

The stats

5’4 / 162cm
Starting Weight: 174lb / 79kg
Current Weight: 128lb / 58kg
Weight Loss: 46lb / 21kg
Method: CICO
Time Taken: 15 months

Wow this is very motivating! I’m starting at the same weight since Monday and I’m excited to get things started and stick to it this time. Good job!🎉🥳

I’m so excited for you! It’s definitely really hard to be consistent but once you’re over that hill, it gets much easier. What helped me a lot was being more forgiving of myself and reminding myself that I’m only human and we will all have bad days! Jump back on track as soon as you can and keep going!!

Amazing! How did you do it?

In July of last year, I calculated my own TDEE and ate about 1,200 calories a day. It was hard to stick to every single day but my body eventually got used to it. Just counting calories really was the main way I was able to lose weight. I did go to the gym fairly often pre-covid but since the pandemic started, I’ve stopped going and I’m still losing a fair amount!

What helped me a lot was drinking lots of water or tea before and after every meal and just investing in a food scale to accurately input my calories into the MyFitnessPal app.

Amazing! Did you find that weight loss slowed down within 15 pounds of that weight ? Because I’m 5’4 and 142 with my first goal being 130 and it feels so slow even at 1 pound a week. Wahh

Oh definitely! It took me since the beginning of July this year to now to go from 135 to 128. A loss of 1 pound a week is still AMAZING progress. I know the maximum amount to lose in a healthy manner is 2 pounds a week so you’re still doing great.

hey i am so feeling this right now (as i just mentioned in another comment). same height and it feels so slow right now around 145. i feel like the weight came off so easily when i started at the same weight as OP, and now it feels like i’m barely losing even though im eating 1300cal/day.

It’s totally normal for you to lose weight faster when you first started! Take for instance, losing my first 10 pounds at 174 was only 5.7% of my body weight and now trying to lose 10 pounds at 128 is almost 8% of my body weight! It’s a lot harder but the results will be so much more noticeable.

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