Losing 39lb (18kg) reveals a gorgeous hourglass figure
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Losing 39lb (18kg) reveals a gorgeous hourglass figure

This is a story about genetics and hard work. Having always been overweight, Chloe* lost a lot of weight (50lb / 23kg) in year 8. However, she lost the weight through calorie depravation (which is very different to calorie restriction, known as the Calorie In, Calorie Out [CICO] method). As it usually happens, she gained back all of the weight that she lost. Below is her story of how she met her fiancé and changed her eating habits, her life and the way that she looks (that hourglass figure omg).

There are lots of places on the internet where you can see before and after photos of weight loss. They can be great to look at and to help visualise what you might look like when you lose your weight. What I’ve always found frustrating is that there is usually no information on HOW they did it and what struggles they overcame to achieve their weight loss goals. I’m bringing you these stories in my series called Real Life Weight Loss Stories. It’s about real people and their stories and I’m hoping that one of these stories will help you lose your weight too (and maybe discover your own hourglass figure).

The stats

Age: 22
Height: 5’6″ / ~171cm
Starting weight: 175lb / 79.5kg
Current weight: 136lb / 61.8kg
Weight loss: 39lb / 17.7kg
Time taken: 4 years
Method: CICO

Her story (aka, how she discovered that hourglass figure)

Eight grade

When I was in 8th grade, I was 5’5″ and weighed about 175 pounds. I decided to turn my life around and lost 50 lbs in one year. But I was unhealthy. I barely ate enough calories to survive much less work out the way I did. I would run daily, do martial arts twice a week and cardio kickboxing once a week. My hair was falling out, I got really bad acid reflux and was constantly having dizzy spells and headaches.

Somehow I overcame this and began to eat…a lot more than I should have. Coupled with a severe reduction in exercise, I gained all the weight back by the time I started college (pic on the left). I thought I was ok, I was less than 200 lbs, I worked out a couple times a week, I ate my fruits and veggies. But alas, I was a closet eater and I would snack a ton.

Meeting her fiancé

In November of my freshman year, I met my now fiance. He was a stud on the crew team who rowed six times a week and looked amazing. I honestly don’t know what he saw in me. I took it upon myself to start eating less and working out so that his ripped glory would not have to be seen next to a schlub like me. I eliminated snacks from my diet, I walked on my huge campus, I took the stairs any chance I got. By April, I had lost 20 lbs.

We went home for summer and I was so depressed from being away from my boyfriend that I couldn’t physically eat so I lost 10 more lbs. When sophomore year began I started adding vigorous exercise into my routine.

The picture on the right is from last summer. I look about the same minus the tan (damn this Texas rain). This past semester I began to lift in order to gain more muscle and get even more fit. I love it.

What spurred this post: last night I was tagged in the photo on the left and I was shocked at how big I actually was. I had been in denial for years.

What I’ve gained

Confidence–I no longer slouch and try to hide. I wear all the clothes I want that I feel make me look sexy and beautiful.

Posture–as stated before, my back is no longer permanently curved. I stand straight with pride.

OP I hope this question isn’t TMI, but I’m wondering how are your boobs? Did they take the weight loss well?

Um my boobs have kept up pretty well. They were never too big to begin with

This is what her fiancé said —-> I can answer this. They were bigger when she was bigger, however they didn’t have good shape. As she lost weight, her boobs shrank a little, but they got rounder. OP doesn’t naturally store a lot of body fat in her boobs so the weight loss was slight but noticeable (I think half a cup size was lost in the end, accounting for fluctuations in her pill dosage and a prior mis-sizing of her bra). I know women who concentrate their weight gain/loss in their breasts, though, so if this were the case, the change would have been much greater.

Another factor that contributes to this is the type of birth control you’re on. Some forms of the pill will make your breasts swell uncomfortably (OP was experiencing this in the photo on the right), as I’m sure you’re aware of. If you are really self conscious about shrinkage, you could consider adjusting your pill type/dosage. Otherwise, be proud of who you are. A woman is not defined by her boobs alone (she has other body parts too).

Your story sounds like mine, up and down weight cycles, I am down but I now have some mild stretch marks and loose skin. Any advice outside of surgery for dealing with this? Youre my idol! lol

Oh thanks. Honestly call it genetics but I don’t have loose skin. I have some stretch marks on my hips but I just embrace them.

How long did it take for you to fix your posture? I’ve recently noticed that I do this too!

Oh it must have taken around a year or more. I mean this was constant back pushing and reminding by my fiance.

Also back/core exercise. Make sure you balance though because otherwise you’ll be lopsided 🙂

Did you have a specific calorie limit while losing?

When I was intensely watching what I ate it was 1200 as per MFP. Now I linger around 1500-2000 depending on the day.

What kind of workouts did you do?

At the beginning nothing. I just walked more and took the stairs when I could.

Then I added some group exercise classes and some light jogging.

Last summer I really killed it. I would run and do elliptical every day for 30-40 min each. I was really really bored and had nothing better to do.

This past school year I toned it down because of school but I tried to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week.

I wanted to ask you: your skin is flawless; how do you not have any stretch marks or anything? Do you use any products for it? 

I think a big thing is that I lost weight slowly. Couple with good genes and that’s my recipe. I do have some stretch marks on my hips. But I love them because they’re my battle scars.

You look fantastic! Serious props to you, it seems no matter how hard I try I can not get that hourglass figure. Any tips?

I think it’s genetics. My family all have an hourglass figure.


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