keto scrambled eggs with spinach

Keto eggs

I’ve always loved scrambed eggs.  And I mean, really LOVE them.

But I haven’t always been good at making them.  When I first met my husband I was in my early 20s and I decided to make him breakfast one morning.  Following my usual (at the time) way of cooking, I prepared the eggs first.  Crack four eggs into a bowl, add a little salt and a small amount of skim milk.

mistake number.. one…skim milk

I’m just going to stop right here, right now.  Skim milk.  It is the real enemy.  It is like water.  Except it doesn’t taste nice.  It has no redeeming qualities.

Back to the eggs.

mistake number.. two…spray oil

I then sprayed a non-stick pan with a very thin layer of olive oil and while it was heating up, I whisked the eggs together with a fork and when the pan was hot, poured the eggs in.

Aside from the skim milk and spray oil, this is when I really made a huge mistake.  I didn’t know that good scrambled eggs, you know the soft, fluffy kind, comes from gently folding the cooked egg into the middle the pan.  Slowly.

mistake number.. three…whisking the eggs

Well my 24 year old self didn’t know this and I used to whisk the eggs in the pan that was on a super high heat.  This resulted in hard, rubbery bits of cooked scrambled eggs that would bounce if they hit the floor.  Scrambled eggs shouldn’t bounce!  They should splat.

I served that shit up to my husband thinking I was Betty Fucking Crocker.  Little Miss Homemaker.  As a side dish, I would cook him up mushrooms.  And because I was so scared of fat, I would cook them in spray oil again and stir them too much (pattern developing).  The moisture would release from these mushrooms and they would literally boil on the pan.

mistake number.. four…boiled mushrooms

Boiled mushrooms with out any fat.  If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, hold onto your seat!

To the boiled, squashy mushrooms, I would add chopped tomato.  Cause it wasn’t watery enough, right?  And worchester sauce.  What a fucking disaster.

My poor husband ate it a couple of times and then started cooking the mushrooms himself.  In butter.

So fast forward some 15 years and I can finally make scrambled eggs.  Really fucking good scrambled eggs.  Keto (LCHF) has helped because I get to add delicious dairy fat to my food.

These eggs are soft and fluffy and oozing with salty parmesean and soft, wilted spinach.  My kids proclaim that I make the best scrambled eggs.  And their proclamation shouldn’t be scoffed at.  Kids are normally fussy.  They are little dictators in the kitchen.  Too much sauce in your meatballs, you’ll hear about it.  Sandwiches cut in rectangles when they should be triangles, you’ll know it.

So when I made these eggs on the weekend, the kids were effusive in their praise.  So, here’s the recipe for you to try for yourself.

Recipe:  Keto Style Scrambled Eggs

  • Three eggs
  • heavy cream (full cream) – about a quarter to half a cup
  • parmesean cheese
  • baby spinach (2 cups or so)
  • butter
  1. Heat a non-stick pan over a medium / high heat and add a good dollup on butter.  Probably two tablespoons.
  2. While the butter is heating up, crack the eggs into a bowl, add the cream and whisk together with a fork.  Don’t over whisk or they will become rubbery and hard when you cook them.
  3. When the butter is hot and melted, add the baby spinach.  Cook it on the pan, stirring regularly until the baby spinach has shrivelled up.
  4. Then add the whisked egg to the pan.  Now, here’s the tip to avoid the disaster from my 20s.  Using a wooden spoon, gently fold the cooked egg into the middle of the pan.  Keep doing this until the egg is mostly cooked.
  5. Then grate parmesean cheese over the top.  I always add plenty of cheese – it makes it gooey and delicious.
  6. I leave the eggs on the pan for about a minute, just enough time for the eggs to brown a little underneath.

Then take off the pan and serve.  Remember, if you are eating keto (LCHF), then just eat the eggs, without toast.  You won’t miss it.


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