your mindset determines your future
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your mindset determines your future

Hello, I’m still here.  And thanks to my mindset, I’m still fat.

I’ve ‘tried’ to lose weight in the past year.

It hasn’t worked.

I know why.

It’s because of my fundamental mindset.

I don’t believe I can ever lose weight.

I know how to lose weight. It’s quite formulaic and everyone knows it. Eat healthy, whole foods. Eat very little processed foods. Stay away from alcohol and move your body every single day.

But how do you deal with the mindset or belief that you have about yourself, about losing weight, about being able to stick to a healthy eating plan for more than a day? And keep doing this for the rest of our lives.

Mindset is the key, for me

My mindset has always been my issue, and I always end up self sabotaging myself.

But at 4.30am this morning, my four year old son called for me from his bed. I sleepily crawled into bed with him and he asked me to cuddle him. I did and he asked me why people get old. I told him that was part of life. He asked if we all have to die and when we die, are we born again. Listening to his questions made me feel so sad. I’ve focused too much of my life in negative. On being upset that I am fat. Upset that we aren’t rich.

I haven’t spent enough time celebrating life. Being happy. Now don’t think for a minute that I’m happy or content being fat.  Not at all. No, this was just another wake up call to start living an active, happy life. To do that, I need a body that works.  Otherwise I will get old before my time. And I don’t want to miss another second of my family.

Today, move, eat well, connect, love
Today, move, eat well, connect, love

That’s a changing mindset 😊

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