Petite weight loss stories:  A (sustainable) whopping 130lb / 59kg lost!
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Petite weight loss stories: A (sustainable) whopping 130lb / 59kg lost!

By making small changes and tracking her calories daily, this Reddit user did not ‘shock’ her body into a diet that was not sustainable. Instead, she lost a mind-boggling amount of weight, and found a love of exercise.

This is an article in the “Petite Weight Loss” series.

The stats

Height: 5’4″ / 162cm
Starting Weight: 323lb / 147kg
Current Weight: 193lb / 88kg
Total Loss: 130lb / 59kg
Method: CICO

There are thousands of weight loss success stories that should be shared to a wider audience, to inspire others to take their own weight loss journey; to provide proof that weight loss can be achieved. These stories are all individual experiences, with different approaches to weight loss. My hope is that you will read these stories and, as you learn what worked for them, it may help you to lose your weight. These are real people, with busy lives, who have achieved real success.

 Do you mind sharing your starting weight and roughly what calorie count you stuck to?

My starting weight was 323 lbs (147kg) at 5’4” (162cm). I started around 2500 and gradually decreased over time. I had a good spurt of not tracking calories earlier this year, but the last 25 pounds (11kg) or so I’ve lost has been 1700ish a day

Thats so amazing to hear health issues are gone! How long did the weight loss take?

I started in April 2018, lost around 100 pounds (45kg) over about a year and a half, maintained for a while, then got refocused this past fall and continued my weight loss! I’m still going now and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

How did your love of both transpire? How long did it take you to find your groove?

Exercise took a while! The first year, all I did was go on walks. I remember being so excited the first time I walked for half an hour! The second year I joined a gym through my work but mostly did group fitness classes like Zumba. This year I bought some dumbbells and have been doing strength training mostly at home, with tons of walks as well!

How long between the two photos?

The first photo was from about three years ago, a few months before I got started! I certainly don’t have the most impressively fast transformation but I’m proud to have done it in a sustainable way that I’ve been able to keep off.

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