25kg overweight and I feel sensational! wait, what?

Today I feel good about myself.

Isn’t it great (and a little strange) that losing even just a small amount of weight can have such a positive impact on the way that you feel about yourself.

I have lost just over 5kg in four weeks.  And today, I reached into the drawer and pulled out my ‘normal’ jeans.  These are my favourite pair of jeans because they fit me really well at this weight.  A month ago, on my birthday, they were almost too tight to wear.  I remember wearing them to the kids’ first day of school and feeling so stressed about how tight they had become.

Today they are back to fitting perfectly, perhaps even a teeny tiny bit loose!  While I was digging through the drawers to find these jeans I found a top that I bought before Christmas.  One of those purchases that you make, knowing that it won’t fit you, but you do it anyway because #sizeshame.  Well today it fits me.

I also took all my measurements today and I’m down across the board! While this is obvious, given that my jeans now fit me again, it is nice to see it confirmed with data.  Yes, the data nerd shines through.

So back to how I’m feeling really good about myself.  When I weighed this same amount last year, I was so upset and down on myself.  It’s amazing to me that I can still weigh that same amount and have a completely and totally different outlook about myself.

Even at this weight.  A good 25 kilograms to go.

Why?  Because I am losing weight consistently, I’m feeding my body with good, healthy food.  Food that tastes good and for the first time since I was a child, I’m actually listening to my body and only eating when I’m hungry.  I’m pushing away the habit of having to eat at conventional breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

Instead, I’m eating when my body tells me that it needs food.  What a difference that makes!  To not count calories or think that ‘I shouldn’t eat that food because it is “bad” for me’.  There’s a whole post coming about this topic!

No, I’m just treating each day as a new start.  As a new beginning.  A chance to make my goal my reality.  And feel good, really good.

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