Big Mac Wisdom
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Big Mac Wisdom

My first post in at least a year. And I’m writing this after I’ve just finished a day-old Big Mac, washing it all down with a fanta. Not exactly healthy or diet friendly, is it?

I’ve come to the conclusion that, in my current state, I’m really in no position to be giving any kind of health-related advice. To anyone.

The only advice I will give is that if you take my advice, you will get fat.

It’s the only realistic conclusion after going after this weight loss for at least 15 years. I “know” all about how to lose weight. I just can’t do it. Normally I would have deleted that last line and changed it to something like “I just haven’t done it yet”….like I still have hope. Ha.

Instead, I’m keeping shit real. For now. So don’t read this for inspiration. I would say read it for a laugh cause I used to be quite funny. It was okay to be fat and funny. The funny helped to outweigh (see what I did there) the fat. I don’t feel so funny any more. It’s a combination of full time work in a job that I don’t love and two young kids that have reached the age where arguing with each other and back chatting their parents is their way of life. The thug life.

So today I start writing. I’m going to say that I’ll do it everyday, but if you know anything about me, you know I won’t do that. At least this time, I’m not putting pressure on myself to lose weight or exercise or eat healthily. Nah, I’m only here for the lols.

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